Weekly Reading: Dec 6–12


  • 2022 Schwab Market Outlook: Under Pressure



  • How to create Art? Start with something, first draft is never usually the best. Keep iterating and refining to make it better. This not only applies to Art but anything in general.
  • John Urschel ( NFL Player , Math PhD from MIT, Author) : Create an environment where curiosity builds, focus is on learning and build a sense of discovery, sense of wonder.


  • Are you organized? First question to ask is organized in time or space? Former is more important than latter

Movies/TV shows/Books

  • F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix — Dramatic finish to the season which ebbed and flowed between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for Drivers Championship [ No spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it]



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Anurag Atmakuri

Anurag Atmakuri

Chip implementation Engineer by profession. I like reading and learning about Tech, Finance, Economics, Energy, Motivation. I practice Yoga and Meditation